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ruddy and cristina

Hello  my name is Ruddy . …

… born and raised in the Philippines.  Worked in Saudi Arabia several years where I found  my Savior while  attending an underground church.

… happily  married to the love of my life!!    We have 4 super wonderful  kids,  one of them we  adopted from Smokey Mountain garbage dump in Manila.  My wife and I have been in the ministry as a missionaries for 27 years.

We  first joined  missions  in a garbage dump in Manila.   Then moved to the U.S.  in 2001  serving in a place called Gleanings for the Hungry.  

Presently my wife Cristina and I serve  with YWAM San Francisco  in the Tenderloin, a great ministry with the homeless.   We also serve a fantastic  church in Newark, CA.   Here’s how it started – our journey begins here.

The articles and materials herein are dedicated to our faithful ministry partners/supporters, fellow ministers and to whoever the Lord brings blessings, hope and encouragement through this site.

The purpose of this site FAN THE FLAME— is hopefully  to ignite the fire, fan the flame of your God given gifts, to discover His purpose and live according to his will.  To be a warrior not a worrier,  to turn our trials into triumph,  to walk in victory by His Spirit and turn your story for His glory.    Striving  to be a winner not a whiner- complainer despite the many ups and downs in our life.

Thank you for visiting our site….