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Hello friends, my name is Ruddy . …& my wife’s Cristina

First of all, I want to thank you our partners  & friends in the ministry for your faithfulness  through the years adopting as your missionaries.♥️  I’d like to dedicate these blogs & articles to you, to our fellow workers and also to those who find encouragement, blessings, and hope through this site.


FAN THE FLAME— iwould like to ignite the fire within, fan the flame of your God given gifts, to discover His purpose and live according to his will.  To be a warrior not a worrier,  to turn our trials into triumph,  to walk in victory by His Spirit and turn your story for His glory.    Striving  to be a winner not a whiner despite the many ups and downs in our life.   Trying to be joyful, prayerful and grateful in all things by His grace … I Thess 5:16-18

Thank you for visiting our site….


…i live in the Bay Area (with my wife, mother in law & our children) … i love it!

…am from Manila, Philippines

… married by best friend and we’ve 4 children, one of them we adopted from the garbage dump.  We told her she was chosen by us , the rest of the kids we’ve no choice , just kidding.  All of them are gift from Above.

… graduated college  and worked in the Middle East, and  will always be a student coz ‘don’t know it all.

…. that’s why am trying to learn new things daily.

….  my wife & I has been serving as missionaries since 1989  ministering to the poor & needy.

… served for 12 years in Manila garbage dump, a ministry to 20,000 people living in the dump.

…. i also love my job as a pastor , enjoy it though sometimes there’s  pain when betrayal comes from the people you love

… my favorite topic in  group talks or church is in the area of relationships & personal leadership

… i also create WordPress websites

… i manage accounts in Quickbooks

….a frustrated singer but now singing melodies in my heart to the Lord

… loves to travel & looking to travel to Israel sometime

…loves hiking, biking, reading, sometimes writing blogs,😅

… love thai food, filipino food esp pakbet , of course my wife’s cooking

… volunteer at Tenderloin, San Francisco , a ministry to the homeless & the marginalized